El Prado Volkswagen Show & Shine Festival

The Prado Regional Park in Chino, California hosted one of the largest Volkswagen meetings on the second weekend of June: the El Prado Volkswagen Show & Shine Festival. Hundreds of Volkswagen enthusiasts brought their beetles, Bulli buses, Kübelwagen and other VWs to this meeting, which goes on for several days. On the shore of the lake, a beach buggy lined up at the other.

Meanwhile, this meeting in the air-cooled scene has already gained such a well-known reputation that even some owners of Volkswagen vehicles from France, England and Belgium have come with their vehicles to attend this event.

In California, the Volkswagen Beetle has been one of the most sought-after vehicles ever since its first export to the USA. In the past, the beetle shaped the image of the streets of the sunshine state. Even today, many Volkswagen Beetle and Bulli buses are still available. Of course, this is due to the dry weather, as the rust has only reached a few vehicles. In addition, the Volkswagen Beetle and the T1 buses are gladly tuned by many owners. Therefore, you can see countless lowered or converted vehicles at such meetings. But the colorful variety of the original preserved vehicles and some bizarre conversions makes up the image of El Prado Show & Shine. In addition, there are some rarer specimens, such as raised Kübelwagen or the hardly visible in our type 3 or 411 models.

If you are still looking for parts, you will find them in the large spare parts market in the park. Overnight is befitting in the caravan.