Sound check in the tunnel

From 25 March to 3 April the International Auto Show  took place in New York. An occasion where the automobile manufacturers presented their latest innovations. Also Jaguar on a SideShow, the New York Park Avenue tunnel, which has been blocked for a demonstration ride of the Jaguar F-type SVR.

The famous 422 meter long tunnel along the Park Avenue in Manhattan leads through under seven blocks. The journey through the tunnel is intended to demonstrate the distinctive sound of the new Jaguar F-type SVR. This rich and roaring sound is achieved by the newly-developed exhaust system made of titanium and a number of corrosion-resistant nickel-based alloys called Inconel. This technique increases the performance of the F-type SVR 5 litre of turbocharged V-8 engine. Thus, the Jaguar F-type SARS becomes the fastest Jaguar. It reaches a top speed of approximately 322 km/h.

The tunnel walls were equipped with a light installation that transforms its color with increasing speed and turned from white to the Jaguar red. The ride was a real sound event.