Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

The Nobel sports car manufacturer Ferrari presented its newest 4-seater concept, the Ferrari Lusso GTC4, at the Geneva Motor Show 2016.

The name GTC4Lusso takes on several of his illustrious predecessor respect, not least to the 330 GTC or its 2 + 2 sister model, the 330 GT and the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, extreme performance with an elegant design. With sporty elegance of Ferrari GTC4 Lusso offers exceptional performance in all road conditions. This is mainly due to the 4RM system known from the Ferrari FF.
The FF first introduced the 4RM system integrated with the E-Diff, F1-Trac, SCM and ESC to guarantee superb traction and control in all weather conditions. The GTC4Lusso marks another major advance, by introducing new control and integration logics with the evolved 4RM system which includes the rear-wheel steering.
The improved 4RM EVO system has been integrated with the rear-wheel steering resulting in the new Ferrari-patented 4RM-S (four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering) system, which was developed around the fourth generation of the Side Slip Control (SSC4) and now also encompasses the E-Diff electronic differential and SCM-E suspension damping.
The GTC4Lusso sports the latest evolution of the naturally-aspirated Ferrari GT V12 that melds incredible power with efficiency and provides a soundtrack which is thrilling in performance driving, yet discreet and harmonious in normal touring conditions.
Maximum torque is 697 Nm at 5,750 rpm with 80% already available at just 1,750 rpm for superb responsiveness even at low revs. This makes the GTC4Lusso incredibly versatile: it is as equally at home in sports car mode as it is in more GT-type contexts, such as city centres or on long journeys. In fact the performance figures are those of a true thoroughbred sports car, with a maximum speed of 335 km/h and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds flat.