Ferrariland in spain

Less than a year after the groundbreaking ceremony with Ferrari Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel, the red metal Struts of the accelerators – the soon highest and fastest roller coaster in Europe – are build up. It reaches over 100m high above the future highlight in the sky and impresses from afar. With the new theme “Ferrari Land”, PortAventura 2017 will be the leisure park with the most theme worlds in Europe.

For over 20 years, Port Aventura in Spain attracts guests from all over the world, Europe’s largest leisure resort. Next year the Park will include an additional attraction: the Ferrari Land! Through the partnership with Ferrari PortAventura allows its visitors a unique experience: an area of 75,000 square meters Ferrari Land attractions, a variety of exciting offers for fans of the Italian cult brand for all ages.

The vertical Accelerator coaster is one of the biggest attractions of the new theme park. Manufactured by the Swiss company Intamin, the roller coaster is 112 meters high and thus not only the highest roller coaster. Fans of speed can feel themselves as a formula 1 driver can experience the acceleration in just five seconds to 180 kilometers per hour, which is 1.35 G. The trip takes vertically upwards up to a height of 112 meters, before going down again with a maximum of a 90 degree angle. The trip takes two minutes. If the wind is right, the dreading, yet popular roll-back during the climb might happen: in this rare cases the gusts of wind can slow the train and prevent it from reaching the top. He then rolls back at top speed to the station, where it is stopped by the brake system – a unique experience for roller coaster fans.

In addition, Ferrari Land is equipped with formula 1-Simulators of various levels of difficulty. That gives visitors the opportunity to improve their skills at any time and become small racing professionals. On the track itself, you can then apply the learned knowledge in practice.

In addition to the formula 1 focus, also a journey through the history of Ferrari with exciting insights into the life of Enzo Ferrari awaits visitors. The Ferrari Land is thus more than a succession of individual attractions.