Pendine Sands Hot Rod Race

A hot rod race like the good old days takes place every year on the Welsh coast. The Pendine Sands Hot Rod Race is hosted by the UK’s Vintage Hot Rod Association and was held for the sixth time this year.

Saturday morning on July 7, 2018 started very early. The retreating tide has cleared a wide perfect beach surface. The numerous volunteers, along with the participants, pull ropes along the track and build fences. So the race track was prepared in record time and the first hot rods were able to hit the track in a bright blue sky and start the race on the Pendine Sands headland very early.

The Sidewinders started as the first group to compact the racetrack. Due to the dry and actually perfect weather conditions, the beach train very soon became very incompetent and therefore rather slow, as the wheels in the sand were spinning fast. Nevertheless, Alan Boxall set a best time of 96.94 mph with his Ford Model T-V8, setting a first high for the day. But short time later the 100 mph mark was crossed. Tim Ticehurst of the Balls Cross Billys, who took care of the track, set a speed of 102.23 mph with his Flathead Roadster. He was quickly overtaken by Enrico Werner in his AV-8 at 103.06 mph. The best time this weekend, however, reached Paul Beamish in his V8BF / C, which reached a top speed of 111.86 miles / h with its new overhauled engine. He tipped the years-long peak record from the 80s.

In the afternoon, the beach became drier and the hot rods whirled up more and more dust. Some drivers already lost control of their vehicles in the soft sand. Even though only half of the field was over that day, the race was stopped when a driver turned in the loose sand just before the finish line and rolled backwards behind the finish line.

Also on Sunday were still some surprises. Shortly before the end of the event, Malc Farrant set a fastest time of 117.43 mph in his L8 / C coupe. The eight riders who crossed the 100 mile / h mark each received a free entry to the upcoming Atomic Vintage Festival and a Revolver Surf Club t-shirt. The winner of the weekend was delighted with an E.L.M.C Eastman leather jacket and a bottle of Champangner from Royal Customs.