Grand Prix Suisse Berne Memorial

In the thirties to the fifties, Bern was the scene of a spectacular race in the Bremgartenwald in Switzerland. This race should be remembered by the „Grand Prix Suisse Berne Memorial“, which took place last August weekend. Around 20,000 spectators stood along the closed city circuit to admire the racing cars in their rounds. However, the Grand Prix is not to be considered as a race, but it is only a show ride, in which the participants in their racing cars are not allowed to drive faster than 100 km / h. Overtaking is also not allowed. The procession is led by a support vehicle, which sets the pace.

The smell of hot oil and gasoline is in the air as the cars spin their rounds. 250 racing cars and 80 motorcycles turn the round over the closed course. Historic racing, sports and touring cars until 1988. Including real racing drivers, such as Le Mans winner Neel Jani, who piloted the Porsche 550 Spyder, built in 1957. Motorsport events have a tough time in Switzerland. In 1958, a ban on circuit racing was passed nationwide and since then such events are difficult to enforce.

The next Grand Prix Suisse Berne Memorial is expected to be held in 2021.