Stylish looks: Car driver gloves by Roeckl

The convertible season begins with the first rays of sunshine. By no means should you miss the right driver’s glove when driving in the open air. It protects the hands in open cars from wind and weather, and also conveys an elegant style. This ultimate accessory has long since become a statement piece and for convertible and classic car drivers the perfect style addition.

More than 175 years of savoir-faire
The traditional company ROECKL stands for high quality gloves and the finest leather accessories. When Jakob Roeckl opened his small craft business in Munich in 1839, he hardly suspected that his son would once supply kings and empresses with his gloves. Today, the ROECKL brand is synonymous worldwide with practiced craftsmanship. Whether glove, bag, cloth, hat or fine knit – every accessory that leaves the house is the product of a passionate attention to detail and an unprecedented dedication to craftsmanship. From design to production, ROECKL makes no compromises. Still according to traditional techniques is made by true masters of their trade. All materials are still handpicked. It has managed to differentiate: it keeps pace with the times, but at the same time adheres to its traditions for the love of quality and sustainability and produces mainly in its own factories in Europe.

Distinctive all-round talent – each pair is unique
The jewel among the driver’s gloves are drivers made of peccary leather. The precious and extremely durable leather of the smallest kind of South American wild boar is true luxury class. Due to their excellent properties Peccary gloves are predestined for car lovers. Peccary gloves keep you warm even when unlined, because their compact texture is particularly well insulated. The unmistakable scattering pattern of three small pores in a row and the scars that remain visible in the leather after battles with peers are symbols of authenticity and make each pair unique. Peccary is the highest quality leather ROECKL uses for gloves. It is soft, durable, extremely durable and sporty.

Of course you can explain manufactory quality. But it is better to feel it
If you slip on Peccary gloves, you can immediately feel how softly the soft, supple leather nestles against the skin. Since 1839 they are made by hand in our own manufactory, so masterpieces of the highest quality are produced in custom work. Peccary gloves are cut in a single cut from the leather. With the utmost care, the elasticity and suppleness of the leather are measured. Finally, the gloves should sit like a second skin. With great craftsmanship, they are hand sewn – consisting of around 24 individual parts – with up to 2,000 stitches. ROECKL has always passed on this tradition of manufacture from generation to generation. Just like the love of precious peccary leather.