BMW M1 Hanging on the Wall

The BMW M1 is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. The design by Giorgio Giugiaro still looks sporty and iconic today. That’s why a US American collector had recently hung himself on a wall in his three-story garage, an M1 as a work of art.

All the lights on the suspended vehicle are fully functional and serve as additional lighting for the hall. This installation is very unique even in the USA. Incidentally, the BMW M1 is made up of two accident vehicles. One of the vehicles that served as a donor had a severe frontal damage, the second vehicle was completely burned out at the rear and damaged the entire rear. The owner of the M1 made a reconstruction of these two vehicles, which was completely restored. The engine is missing in the artwork on the wall, because this would prefer the owner to present a separate stand as a display.

The owner dreams of seeing more vehicles from his collection hanging on the wall as a pendent in the future.