Mustang P-51 Watch

The Danish watch manufactory REC specializes in very unique watches. Each with their own story. In an earlier issue of the Motorworld Bulletin, we have already introduced REC’s Porsche 911 watch. Here we would like to introduce the REC P-51 watch. Ford was looking for a fitting name for their first pony concept car. Designer Najjar Ferzely called the concept study “Mustang”, attributed to the similarity to the American fighter plane P51-Mustang.

The centerpiece of the P-51 watch is the dial, which is made from a body part of a Ford Mustang from the 60s. Each dial also contains a name plate with the chassis number of the Ford Mustang, from which the clock comes. Also the year of construction of the vehicle. It goes even further, because each owner of such a clock receives a QR code nor the entire history of the vehicle on which his clock is based.

Even the dials are clearly based on the 60s Ford Mustang. The round instruments of the dashboard can be found in the clock again. The lower portion of the main display, which is similar to a Mustang speedometer in full detail, displays the date. A small additional display is based on the fuel gauge and shows the current state of charge of the automatic movement.
Every single dial is unique because the sheet used is brushed and may contain traces of rust or slight scratches. Of course, the dial can change accordingly over the years.

The 10.8mm high case with an oversize of 44mm x 44mm looks very powerful. A nice big, yet comfortable watch. The sides of the case are reminiscent of the rear of the Ford Mustang with the three taillights. Inside the case acts a Miyota 9130 automatic movement with a running time of 48 hours. At the same time, the watch can also be mechanically wound on the crown, although this is somewhat unwieldy, since their surface does not provide a good grip.

The REC P-51 is a watch for every Mustang lover. Meanwhile, there are even owners of Mustang vehicles that can be made exactly from their model a clock in the REC manufactory. Among them is the racing driver and drift star Vaughn Gittin Jr. with his Ford Mustang in the Formula D series.