Vespa with leather body

At the Homo Faber fair in Venice the Italian manufactory Bottega Conticelli presented their latest creations, Vespas, with a very special leather body. In the style of the traditional saddlery and with a very high love of details, the Vespas are covered with leather. The leather promises an unique patina over the years. Of course, it was ensured that the leather is waterproof and treated accordingly with beeswax.

The “Homo Faber” Fair in Venice took place in September and was hosted by the Michelangelo Foundation. The fair is dedicated to traditional crafts and small factories. Masterpieces of craftsmanship, which must be promoted, such as Jewelry, handmade bicycles or the finest European design art were shown. The exhibitors were selected by a jury.

Bottega Conticelli celebrates the Vespa as an “icon of modernity” and wants to cover it with a timeless design. The design should not only represent the materials in their opposites, but also build a bridge between the past and the modern. The sustainability of the material leather, which has a high resistance was alsoimportant fort he designers.