Hudson Auction in Indiana

Hudson collectors from around the world came to the US American town of Shipshewana / Indiana in early August, to attend the auction held by the auction house Worldwide Auctioneers. The collection of Eldon and Esta Hosteler was auctioned. The couple collected Hudson vehicles since 1983 and had built up a small museum. After the death of Eldon Hosteler 2016, the museum was inherited to the city. Esta Hosteler also died in 2017 and the museum was no longer financially viable. Therefore, the city Shipshewana auctioned the Hudson Museum.

Around two hundred Hudson enthusiasts came to participate in the auction of Hudson rarities. An absolute highlight in the collection was the last known Hudson Hornet 6 factory race car “Fabulous Hudson Hornet” NASCAR by Herb Thomas, built in 1952. The Twin-H-Power powered Hudson reached a record $ 1,265 million, making it the first Hudson in the world who had an auction for over $ 1 million.

But other vehicles reached new record numbers. So also the Hudson Italia, built in 1955, which changed hands with 682,000 dollars.

TOP 10 Sales
1. 1952 Hudson Hornet 6 Twin-H Herb Thomas NASCAR racer, $1,265,000
2. 1955 Hudson Italia, $682,000
3. 1937 Railton Special limousine, $462,000
4. 1918 Hudson Series O town car by Murphy, $313,500
5. 1928 Hudson Super Six Series O convertible sedan, $214,500
6. 1927 Hudson Super Six supercharged sports tourer, $220,000
7. 1917 Hudson Shaw Special racing car, $187,000
8. 1952 Hudson Hornet 6 NASCAR re-creation, $165,000
9. 1936 Hudson Deluxe Eight convertible coupe, $162,250
10. 1934 Hudson Series LU Deluxe convertible coupe, $156,750