“Rollendes Museum” Munich

The joy of art during the Long Night of Museums was greatly enhanced in Munich by vintage cars, which took guests that night between the German Museum and the traffic center. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Rollenden Museum in Munich, around 90 vehicles with a minimum age of 30 took a total of around 3,500 passengers on a journey through time, bringing them closer to their own automotive heritage.


In 2018, the 10th Rollende Museum Munich was inaugurated by Prof. Heckl, Director General of the German Museum, who was driving the first round of the BMW 326 of BMW Classic. A very special experience was the tour in one of the pre-war vehicles such as a very rare AUDI 920 Cabriolet built in 1939. The oldest vehicle in the field was the beautiful Alvis TJ 12/60 Fourseater Open Tourer from 1928 followed by an elegant Ford Model A, as well from 1928.

Before the classic cars swarmed out into the night, some of the vehicles were still to be judged by the jury of the “Children’s Choice Award”. Children between the ages of 4 and 13 were allowed to apply for this promotion of young talent launched by Classics For Charity e.V. and selected their best of show from some selected classics. The owners of the vintage cars had a lot of fun explaining the vehicles to the children down to the smallest detail. The choice of the young jury fell on the DMC DeLorean. Second place went to the Bentley Mark IV and third place to the red MG TD Roadster.

The owners of the historic automobiles had a lot to tell, while driving from the largest technical museum in the world to the new traffic center on the Theresienhöhe. The legendary comic-book Hudson Hornet did not have to be dreamed that night, you could even get in and sit down. Even the very small vintage cars such as the Goggomobil, from the times of the economic miracle could be tested. In the Messerschmitt cabin scooter, you can experience Munich from a completely new perspective.

The wide range of classic car scene also showed the huge fire departments, led by the original lead vehicle Florian 12, an impressively beautiful BMW Baroque Angel. The crowd at the Rolling Museum was great. The queue was not demolished until the end of the event.

For many of the guests, who were allowed to ride in oldtimers, it was the first contact with a historic vehicle. This event is supported by the commitment of each individual vintage owner, who volunteered here for the start. It supports the endeavor to include historic vehicles in the UNESCO