Hot Wheels Special Edition

Most of us still remember the little colorful 1:64 scale Hot Wheels with names like Beatnik Bandit, Cheetah, Deora or Silhouette. With their slender axles and sophisticated suspension, the little toy vehicles were fast and fun on the orange looping tracks.

In 1968 Hot Wheels introduced the first sixteen models of the Hot Wheels series. In May 1968 appeared as the first model of the Custom Camaro. During the year, the remaining fifteen models followed, including the custom Corvette C3, which was shown as a true 1: 1 model of General Motors only months later.

Each Hot Wheels Model represented a Hot Rod or Custom Build. Over the past fifty years, new models have been added over and over again. More and more often, the models were based on real 1: 1 conversions and their design adopted in miniature, as well as a few years ago models from the famous television series Gas Monkeys garage. Many of the models today have a real collector’s value. The most expensive Hot Wheels model to date is the 1969 presented prototype model Volkswagen Beach Bomb, which is endowed with up to $ 150,000.

For the 50th anniversary of the Hot Wheels collection, Mattel will not only be reissuing the sixteen first models, but will also be presenting a ’60s showroom display’ in which every single model has its own place. Each of the vehicles is painted with an exclusive “Spectraflame” paint. Below the diorama is a drawer where the models can be stowed if they are not supposed to be in the miniature showroom.

The diorama with the 16 vehicles is said to cost around $ 500 and has been officially on sale since November 8th. The special edition for the 50th anniversary is limited to 1500.