McLaren Speedtail

McLaren Automotive showed off the stunning, streamlined shape and sensational specifications of the McLaren Speedtail this week. The next chapter in McLaren’s Ultimate Series, the Speedtail, is the UK’s first “Hyper-GT”, known for producing luxury sports cars and supercars with extraordinary driving experiences. The Speedtail can reach the highest maximum speed of all McLaren models at speeds of up to 403 km / h while offering an unprecedented blend of contemporary craftsmanship, material innovation and bespoke personalization. Only 106 * is created and all are already reserved, at a cost of two million plus taxes.

As the most powerful and aerodynamically efficient McLaren, the Speedtail surpasses the legendary McLaren F1’s 243km record speed, a feat that, thanks to the close collaboration of McLaren’s design and development team, provides an unparalleled blend of aerodynamics, powertrain and dynamics. It is also significant that this is the first of 18 new cars or derivatives that McLaren will introduce as part of its Track25 business plan.

The teardrop-shaped cockpit and aerodynamically-optimized bodywork provide the foundation for exceptional aerodynamic drag efficiency with innovative features such as carbon fiber front wheel aero covers, retractable digital rear view cameras (instead of mirrors) and patented active ailerons promotion contributes to extremely low drag.