SEMA Las Vegas

At the largest tuning fair in the world, the SEMA in Las Vegas / USA, you can find everything a tuner’s heart desires. Allowed is what pleases, so the slogan of the SEMA. Above all, the US manufacturers and tuning forging present their craziest and off-beat tuning novelties. But many exhibited vehicles would be referred to in this country as absolute tuning sins, such as the Mercedes Benz 300 SL on the basis of a 2000 SLK32 AMG chassis at the booth of Toyo Tires. Just around the corner of the Volkswagen Beetle with significantly widening, Chopped Roof and V8 engine built into the backseat.

Even the red painted Volvo 122 with R2.8 Turbo Diesel would not necessarily meet many lovers. Next to it is the Ferrari 328 GTS from 1988, which was modified by Exoticar Inc. with a carbon Kevlar Widebody Kit and carbon exterior mirrors of the Ferrari 458 GT3. An AccuAir e-level air suspension lifts the vehicle over the 18 “front wheels and 19” rear wheels. The Ferrari is painted in the original Ferrari PPG color Grigio Medio. The Rotiform rims are in matte bronze with matte black accents.
A truly impressive classic was presented right on the Ford stand. The Ford RS200 has been modified to a racing car, with air intake hood on the roof line and a tailgate made of Plexiglas.

The electric supercar drive is increasingly coming to the fore in the tuning scene. Chevrolet even presented a dragster at the SEMA called eCopo Camaro Concept, which should set new records in the quarter-mile in the dragster racing season of 2019. According to the manufacturer, the dragster has an output of about 700 hp and creates the quarter mile in 9 seconds. An electric drive will bring the classics back on the road in the future, at least if it goes to tuner Dylan Coleman. He electrified a Porsche 911 from 1977 with Tesla technology and rebuilt it in the style of RWD Rauh Welt. The Porsche now has around 700 hp and is an absolute eye-catcher with its ivory-colored paint. Chrome-plated roll-over cage, Burberry patterned interior and the wide tires on chromed BBS RS wheels complete the picture of the extraordinary Porsche. Next to it is also BMW E46 tuned by Dylan Coleman with a supercharged 6.4-liter V8 Mopar engine.

The Derelict Mercury is also equipped with an electric drive. According to the Builder Icon, the classic achieves a range of around 200 miles.
Of course, the Japanese Porsche Tuningschmiede Rauh world may not be missing on the SEMA. It is hardly possible any more! The body kits from RWD Rauh Welt broaden every Porsche to the max, which gives the optics.

A visual eye-catcher was on the Sema of the 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air, which carries elaborately engraved ornaments all over the body. With a special technique, this artwork was made and engraved in weeks of work. The metallic effect was painted at the end.

Some vehicles seemed like a Hollywood movie. However, some of the issued Customs were built for a movie, such as the dark gray Dodge Ice Charger for the feature film “The Fast and the Furious”.

Hot Wheels celebrates its fiftieth birthday in 2018. Of course, therefore, the famous Hot Wheels 1: 1 model templates were not missing on the Sema. Including the Geo Tracker, a mini truck on shortened chassis with a supercharged 5.7 liter V8 engine and two Holly carburetors. This brings the pickup to a total of 370 hp.

Of course, at a tuning fair in the US, the traditional hot rods and custom builds are not missing and also here were some impressive conversions to see. Every time you leave the gates of the huge fair, you think there is no way to increase the number of tuners in cars, but every year you are surprised by something new. Therefore it remains to be seen what the tuning companies have prepared for next year.