Aspark Owl

The Japanese automobile brand Aspark can proudly claim to have built the fastest car in the world, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in less than two seconds. At peak speed, however, the Aspark Owl has to bow to some of its competitors, which are certainly faster. Aspark presented the Owl, to German “owl” recently at the Paris Motor Show.

The purely electric Sprinter brings about 900 kilograms on the scales and makes scarce 436 hp. The Aspark Owl achieves its extreme acceleration through two electric motors, which are supplied with additional power in the short term via capacitors. The capacitors store their power from the energy generated during braking. Thus, the power can be delivered to the engines much faster than conventional batteries.

The very flat body of the Owl is made entirely of carbon fiber. The doors can be opened like a wing door. The long and tapered front is extremely dynamic. The elongated rear of the Owl carries a large rear wing and diffuser. With around 3.5 million euros, the Aspark Owl is not exactly a bargain. The range of the purely electric sports car is only about 150 kilometers, which is due to the technology for extreme acceleration. The Aspark Owl is scheduled to hit the market in 2019.