The most valuable Ford model

An auction of the British auction house The Market brings an exceptional classic car to auction. It is already considered the most expensive specimen of the Ford Escort RS 1800. It weighs just under a kilogram and is about 15 cm tall. A model of the famous racing athlete made of silver, gold and titanium, adorned with diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Diamond grinder and racer Russel Lord started the project 25 years ago. At some point the project was postponed due to lack of time and forgotten. During cleanup, Russel Lord’s son had found the model and decided to continue the work and complete the model. The 1:12 scale model contains material for almost 65,000 – 70,000 pounds sterling (72,000 – 78,500 euros). The approximately 1,300 working hours are not included.

The result amazes everybody. In really painstaking artists work, the vehicle is replicated in every detail. The body and the chassis are made of pure silver. Rob Lord estimates that around 80% of the model is made of silver. The grille is made of gold and includes a “Lord” lettering, which is similar to the original “Ford” lettering. The front headlights are studded with diamonds. The fog lights even each made a one-carat. The side indicators on the front and rear are made of an orange sapphire, the red ruby brake lights. The blue Ford logo on the back was made of a blue sapphire. The rims are made of 18 carat gold. The stone guard covers are studded with 630 black diamonds, to make them look better. The lever is made of platinum and has a gear knob of real gold. Rob Lord took the trouble to make the driver’s seat adjustable. Both neckrests can be adjusted. Likewise, the pedals can be moved. The handbrake can be tightened.

Also in the reconstruction of the engine is a lot of work. The parts of the engine are all handmade and made of silver with white gold. Most of the work has been meticulously documented and can be found on Facebook at ‘Russell Lord’s Ford’.

The auction of the single piece begins on 7th December. More info can be found here.