Tour de Corse Historique

The Tour de Corse Historique stretches over 840 kilometers on the island of Corsica. This year, the rally took place for the 18th time, and lasted over four days on beautiful country roads on the island, always against the backdrop of the dark blue Mediterranean Sea. The historic rally Corsica was already full for the first time on the island in 1956. From 1973, the rally in Corsica was even part of the World Rally Championship and was considered a French race. It has always been described as a rally of the 10 000 turns, as it leads over winding mountain roads.

The long history of the rally certainly also means that some real rally legends from the earlier days participated in the Tour de Corse Historique, such as: former rally driver Didier Auriol, who celebrated his 30th anniversary of his rally victory on the Corsica Rally in a Ford Sierra Cosworth, built in 1988. Lutin Cèvenol has even won the Rally Corsica six times and became World Champion in 1994. He also drove the Tour de Corse Historique with Denis Giraudet this year. The rally legends Didier Camels, Philippe Bouffier and Serge Cazaux were also at the start.

The participating vehicles are also real rally legends, such as the Lancia Stratos, Audi Quattro, Alfa Romeo GTV 2000, Peugeot 205 T16 or some Porsche 911.

The linchpin of the Tour de Corse Historique is Porto-Vecchio. Here the rally participants started and came back to the finish on Saturday. The second day led the teams to Bastia. From there they continued to Calvi and Ajaccio. Despite the long tradition of the Rally Korsiska, the younger Tour de Corse Historique is not yet so well known and therefore still very familiar. Around 200 participants took part at the historical Rally this year.

The winner of this year’s Tour de Corse Historique is Pierre-Manuael Jenot with co-driver Milosa Vljevic on the Ford Escort RS Mark 2.