Salon AutoRetro Barcelona

From 18th to 21st of October the old-timer fair AutoRetro took place on the fairground in Barcelona-Montijuic. On a total of 50,000 square meters, around 250 exhibitors exhibited their jewelery, including the Horch 853, the Delahaye 135M Hispano Suiza T49, the Mercedes Benz 500K Cabriolet or even a Maserati 3500 GT. More than 49,000 visitors came to admire the chrome jewels.
Of course, the Spanish car brands were in the foreground and were presented to the public at numerous special exhibitions, such as a special area dedicated to the Seat 1400. Special miniature cars were also dedicated to an exhibition such as the PTV 250, built in 1956 and the Biscuter 200 A Zapatilla from 1958.
From the former Spanish brand Hispano Suiza were some commercial vehicles and rare historic fire departments to see. Of course, the brand Pegaso was not missing. Placed around the Peagso, found on the AutoRetro some unique items that we do not know in Germany. All vehicles have one thing in common; they were all designed by Pedro Serra, a Spanish body designer from Barcelona. Including a Citroen Dyane, which is more like an Alfa Romeo, the wedge-shaped Dodge Serra Boulevard MM30 from the 70s, the MG Crazy, based on the MG Midget and a small vehicle from Biscuter.

In order to bring the vehicles closer to the audience, several live demonstrations took place in the hall every day. On a closed track, the vehicles could be extended. The prewar vehicles of the 1930s were even shown in a replica of a Chicago street.
Not only the automobiles of the past were in the spotlight, but also the two-wheeled vintage cars. Many exhibitors showed representatives of the historical motorcycles, partly also from Spanish manufactory. Including the extremely rare 250 Ossa monocoque, a motorcycle without tubular frame.