Facel Vega II

The velvety bubbling of the smooth-running V8 engine sounds in the ears of noble classic car fans like music. The sporty character, however, the luxury saloon Facel II shows only in motion, when the 383 cc 6.3 liter American Chrysler engine, with the aptly name “Typhoon”, performes to ist best.

The Facel Vega II was introduced in October 1961 in Paris and all of the 184 vehicles produced promptly found an owner. Many of the then prominent members of the society adorned themselves with the noble vehicle and so counted Pablo Picasso, Ringo Starr, Francois Truffaut, the Shah of Persia, Christian Dior or even Princess Gracia of Monaco to the fan community.
The shape of the Facel II was compared to its predecessor Facel Vega HK500 interpreted much more modern without losing its elegance and specificity. At first glance, the body looks much longer and wider than the HK500, but this is mainly due to the lower waistline of the Facel II. The very dynamically arranged, straight-line design is interrupted again and again by erratic angles. The edges are softly rounded. The windows look like a complex glass dome and offer the driver an optimal all-round view. Cleverly, the accents are set in chrome, which make the Facel II look visually light and yet retain its dynamic, sporty character. The Facel II also recognizes the aerodynamic elements typical of Facel Vega in aircraft construction, such as the rear fenders.

The interior of the cockpit continues the fashionable lines of aeronautics. A special feature is the veneer-like grain of the dashboard, which is artfully hand painted and the otherwise popular burl wood interpreted in a modern way.

The powerful V8 Cylinder engine is dynamic and brings the 2 + 2 Coupé in about ten seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. The ride comfort is incomparable to contemporary other sedans and is still more like a glide at about 160 km / h. The Facel II reached a maximum speed of 247 km / h, which at that time corresponded to a super sports car. A 4-speed automatic transmission transmits the tremendous power of the V8 engine to the rear axle. Large drum brakes on all four wheels ensure a safe standstill.

With the automatic transmission, the lack of a parking position and a handbrake when parking on the mountain makes a small challenge noticeable. The designers solved this rather pragmatically and supplied the wedge and retaining peg immediately. Both utensils made of the finest wood are in the spacious trunk. So that the drive away works in style and the driver does not have to get off again, the peg is provided with a cord to catch up after starting.

Like no other vehicle, the Facel II combines the aspects of a sports car with the comfort of a luxury saloon. He was for a long time the fastest 4-seater coupe in the world.