Rarities from Tarbes

A very interesting collection was recently dissolved in France. On a site in Tarbes / Southern France some real rarities were stored for decades, which came to auction last weekend at the auction house Interencheres. The special feature of the vehicles found is that some real rarities can be found among the 81 classics. Normally one or two unique pieces are found in such collections. In this auction, however, there were actually quite a few rare cars that came to auction. These include, for example, a Porsche 356 Type Pré A, Delage Type DM, Rolland Pilain Type 22 Series II, Lamborghini Miura P400, Lancia Flaminia Coupe or the Packard Type Clipper 846.

Many of the vehicles were outdoors and were overwhelmed by nature. For the auction, the vehicles were partially freed from the weeds and pulled out of the bushes. Almost all vehicles are in a very desolate state and would have to be restored consuming. In some vehicles certainly considering the actual value rather unprofitable, but in other models quite a lucrative opportunity to buy cheap an absolute unique.

A very special highlight was the Hotchkiss J.A.G Grégoire from 1947. According to the French Carte Gris this is the J.A.P prototype of this model. On the basis of this model emerged later at Hotchkiss 247 vehicles of this model. This vehicle is equipped with a four-cylinder boxer engine. The front-wheel drive coupe was very luxurious at the time. The models were very expensive and sales were sluggish. Therefore, the production of this model has been re-set very soon. Today there are only very few copies left.
Striking is the number of American vehicles in the French collection. This starts with pre-WWII vehicles, such as the Stutz Type Speedway Six 695 or the Graham Paige Type 837, to the later US classics such as Oldsmobile Toronado, Lincoln Continental MK3, Cadillac Eldorado up to the Corvette C3.