In Memoriam Arlen Ness

With Arlen Ness on March 22, 2019 a real legend of motorcycle customizing passed away. Ness was one of the first and most well-known tuners in the motorcycle scene and had built up over decades an empire for his desired tuning parts.

Arlen Daryl Ness was born in 1939 in Moorhead, Minnesota, but later lived solely in California. In 1947, Arlen Ness designed his first bike, a Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, with the money he had earned as a bowling alley bowler. Like many US American success stories, Arlen Ness also started to rebuild the first motorcycles at home in the garage. Today everything is possible with laser-controlled CNC milling but in this time everything was handcrafted. In painstaking hours parts were turned and milled for sometimes bizarre conversions. Many ideas for the parts were even taken over in a parts program and then sold.

His works were unique and were repeatedly mentioned on the title pages of the respective magazines. The best-known bikes include the Untouchable motorcycle, the antique-inspired Ness-Tique, the Blower bike and the Chevy-inspired Ness Stalgia bike. About forty models of these bikes can be seen today in a museum in Dublin / California, which is connected to the company headquarters.