Urban Light Factory

Ulf Schulz builts lamps. But there are not any lamps, but such,which tell the stories and each piece is an incomparable unique. The workshop, which the art & culture objects are produced, is situated in Berlin- Oberschöneweide, with a direct view from the wooden bench on the river Spree. The workshop is located on the grounds of the transformer plant East in an historic, charming industrial construction. This unique atmosphere explains why Ulf Schulz produces his lamps with such a devotion and passion. “My workshop reminds me of the small shed of my grandfather behind his home and lots of love, old memories are awakening in me. The smell of the crackling wood in the cast iron stove and the oiled wood of bench“, so Schulz. All  is handmade and it looks a bit like meditation when Ulf Schulz devotefully works on his unique.

On the bench a few Bentley Bluetrain headlights, the latest project Ulf Schulz is working on.


All lamps from Ulf Schulz manufactory “Urban Light Factory” are made of old light pots and headlights of historic motorcycles and vehicles. For example, the lamp “Henry”, a headlight of a Ford Model T with a filament light bulb on a historical contemporary wooden tripod. The whole forms a unit and is a real piece of history in the living room. Also the used tripods have their very own history. Filmmakers remember the tripod determined on the 16 mm Bolex. Ulf Schulz produces an individual lamp, for example commemorating the first car or motorcycle on request. Each lamp is safety certified.


His passion even goes a little further. Even if the lamp is already unique in their processing and the selection of materials: the packaging is it too. Each lamp is wrapped in soft wrapping paper and packed in a handmade wooden box with wood shavings. With each light bulb goes a “light letter”, similar to an old car letter with all the information and a tool kit with the appropriate tool, for example a screwdriver, stylish with wooden handle. The wooden box must be unscrewed first. So, the anticipation of the new lamp is certainly increased at each.