Volvo World Record

The port of Gothenburg was the backdrop for a unique record attempt. 40 containers filled with Volvo spare parts have been loaded on twenty lorries and hung together. This resulted in a total length of 300 metres and a total weight of 750 tons. Magnus Samuelsson, the strongest man of the world wanted to set a world record, pulling this load over 100 meters with a Volvo FH16 truck equipped with an I-shift gear. The journalist Brian Weatherly was sitting in the passenger seat. The truck was finally equipped with the strongest Volvo axis and the trial version of the I-shift automatic transmission. This transmission allows a very high starting traction and an extreme power transmission, allowing it to pull heavy loads on loose terrain. It also enables to drive constant speeds of 0.5 km/h. But has never drawn a cargo of 750 tons.

The first attempts were unsuccessful, as, when starting the truck it took off from the ground. The problem lay in the braking system, because the compressed air could not reach all supporters and blocked the brakes. But after three attempts all 20 trailers could be brought to roll. The truck moved the entire 750 tons up the 100 metres finishing line, despite the snowfall.