Rust’n Dust Jalopy

When attention to detail and passion for engines come together, when fun in driving style and the American lifestyle of the wild 50s and 60s comes to life – then it is definitely time for the Rust’n Dust Jalopy on Europe’s largest natural racetrack.

The Bergring near Teterow in the district of Rostock has been the venue for numerous races since the 1920s. But from 19 to 21 July 2019, there is showtime for the US scene of historical mobility. Modified US automobiles up to 1959 can participate there.

You can’t call the all-round successful event glamourous – all the dust that appears already shortly after the start of the race, occupiing the air and everything around. Backstage of the track the rumor goes that the legendary Steve McQueen had been here once and had taken a close look at the 1,877-meter-long hill circuit. Is it true? No matter – his spirit lives and as legendary as the actor also are the automobiles that compete here. 50 to 60 participants arrived at the racetrack on this hot July weekend with their mainly rusty wheels. The whole scene, which brings the event to life. Beautiful girls and tight guys. No one is costumed here – not like many other classic car events. Anyone appears here in true style wears this in everyday life too.

In motor sports, the mountain ring is loved and feared because it is demanding, with a gradient of up to 16% and a gradient of up to 14%. The right-hander on the otherwise left-leading course make the hilly route a special challenge. At the Rust’n Dust Jalopy a section of 1.5 kilometers is used. “Krähenhorst” and “Hechtsprung” are the two sections of the route where spectators and photographers lurk for the most spectacular pictures. The hot rods, US bikes, custom cars and classic grass track teams rush by in a minute.

In addition to driving pleasure, the goal of the ladies and gentlemen on the wheel is the to drive the same time in two laps. Fun in the ring runs in Teterow after the race on the sod. The mud flies on the wet circuit … and in deep darkness the rock concerts bring the Rust ‘n Dust experience to the perfect end.