Café Moto GO! from Electra

The new Café Moto GO! from Electra leaves the motorcycle icons of Rockabilly era come to life. This has been designed in Europe at 400 Piece of limited e-bike by industrial designer Jeremy Westerlund. in the Interview he reveals how he the moto flair of the 60s for the bike translated and which details make it so distinctive.

Jeremy, tell us about your connection to Electra!
For more than five years I have been designing bikes for Electra. I live and work in San Diego and can not imagine anything better. I love San Diego and I love bikes – so an absolute dream job! For me, the bikes from Electra are an expressive and Casual lifestyle without sacrificing quality, so I cruise myself daily with one Almost 5 in the after hours.

Your latest design coup, Café Moto Go! is inspired by the Café RacerMotorcycles of the 60s. How did this idea come about?
These bikes were just cool. At that time, people were building their bikes apart and removed those parts that were not absolutely necessary. They made them lighter and faster machines, while creating something totally individual. It went not just about the motorcycling itself – you wanted to stand out from the ordinary and an unprecedented attitude to life, a whole new attitude to Express expression. Something I aim for with my creations at Electra as well.

What details of the motocycles have you taken over and in the Café Moto Go! implemented?
I wanted to create something that is visually reminiscent of the cult motorcycles, but still a bicycle is. Therefore, we have renounced on fake motorcycle parts or the like and We are more focused on the proportions of the frame. The driving position had to be low and be as athletic as a café racer – these machines were less for the Comfort built, but to drive fast, to lie well in the curve and casual look. Unlike the motorcycles, our in-house Flat Foot lends Technoloy the E-Cruiser still the comfort, the Electra fans on our bikes appreciate and love: the 23 degrees to the rear shifted bottom bracket allows a upright, relaxed sitting position with straight legs and provides for a relaxed overview in the street events. In addition to this coolness, the sporty and aggressive look of the racers should also be seen at Café Moto Go! stand in the foreground: so lends The ball headlight front a real “Moto” flair. At the upper part of the frame have we imitated the tank shape of the cafe racer and with the angled beige and kaki color blocks captured a moment of speed. The bike has a considerable width and comes with its feel really close to that of a motorcycle. If the Bosch Performance Speed engine then uses, the motorcycle feeling is perfect.

What sets this e-bike apart from others?
E-bikes are clearly in fashion! Many manufacturers already rely on motorized bikes and more are added every day, as today’s e-pedalpipes are wind-blower enthusiasts Women and men of all ages. What Café Moto Go! different and from different from other pedelecs, is the design aspect. Every component on this bike was thought through carefully by me and my team. From the leather Brooks saddle and the narrow handles up to the Gates belt drive and the Enviolo hub, the Crank Brothers pedals and the Bosch Performance Speed drive system with 500 watts Battery in matt black tube. We have these high-end elements on one set unique frame and thus a tough and at the same time well equipped Bicycle created.

What inspires you to develop better and more creative bikes?
I am a passionate inventor and love old vehicles and engines tinkering. In addition I collect cars and old trucks, but deal with so pretty much anything that has an engine: hot rods, motorcycles, trucks, 4×4’s, fast Cars, slow cars – all the bandwidth. In addition, I’m fascinated Architecture, furniture, nature and photography. I really suck everything from my environment and in the end, most of the time, the origin of my inspiration can no longer be assigned. I think, my creativity is based on an accumulation of all these things and impressions. On however, it is a great incentive for me that my work for Electra gives someone a smile magic on the face!