International Preservation Concours

For the fourth time the International Preservation Concours for original unrestored motorcycles and automobiles took place during the warm up event of the Motorworld Munich. Around 20 vehicles met the evaluation of the six-person jury. Although each of the vehicles was already a winner, as it was admitted to this globally unique Concours, the jury had the difficult task of selecting the class winners from the participating vehicles. The coveted “Best of Show” award was presented by the jury to the owner of the 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Ti. The vehicle convinced with its state of preservation and the absolute originality, because even the contemporary accessories were perfectly preserved. Interior and paint are absolutely untouched.

Like every year before, there was a special field again this year. This was dedicated to a fringe group of automotive history, the Hot Rods. The field, with its three beautifully preserved and original models, is intended to commemorate the fact that the Hot Rods once played a major role in the development of automotive history. Winner in the class was the Ford V8 Flathead, built in 1932.

A very special highlight in the field of the Preservation Concours was the Swiss Monteverdi Safari 7.2 liter. Only a few specimens in such an original condition are still preserved today. The Monteverdi owner won the Best History Award and was the winner in his class, finishing second in the overall standings.

The Preservation Concours is not primarily about the design and the value of the vehicle, but rather what the state of preservation of the unrestored vehicle is. A very nice example of a bread and butter vehicle was the Volkswagen Beetle, which once belonged to an elderly lady and was always well maintained. The condition of the vehicle was outstanding and thus the vehicle was class winner in the class “Best of Thoroughbred”. In the Gasmtertung the likeable beetle reached the third place.

Right next to it was a beetle in the delivery condition, which shows just 10 KM on the speedometer and can be seen with the original wax coating from the delivery.

The crowd pleaser was certainly the side by side DeLorean DMC12 and the Renault Alpine A110. A sophisticated travel experience was certainly the Mercedes Benz 300SL. For this he received the award “Best in Travel with Style”.

Two-wheelers will also be given a class at the Preservation Concours. Here were the two identical motorcycles of Peugeot and Automoto to see.