Strofeld – Loudspeaker in a Suitcase

In the partially hundred-year-old vintage suitcases, only new and high quality speaker components are integrated, which can be maintained and repaired a lifetime. Each conversion is a technically sophisticated one-off, which is extremely stylish state-of-the-art Technology connects with a piece of history. Instead of settling for mediocrity, Strofeld perfects her speaker creations down to the smallest detail. It stands the Free customers, whether they send their own suitcase from grandmother’s time or an already finished STROFELD-unique on the website.

The transportable property of the suitcase remains through the integrated enduring battery and is particularly suitable for wireless transmission via Bluetooth in the car or to steer on the way. Through a customized speaker cabinet inside a every suitcase, combined with the years of experience of our sound engineer, get ours Creations their impressive and sincere sound characteristics, each place in one Transform soundstage.

Jonathan is the manufacturer of the factory and at the age of 13 he already has the loudspeaker construction his hobby. Through his trained ear and the support by means of professional Audio measurement technology, every STROFELD product is thoroughly tested and customized by him customized. Good is usually not good enough for him – so countless hours flow into each single of his works.

Dominik is the driving force behind the STROFELD manufactory. In 2015 he graduated in the course of studies Management, Communication & IT with excellent success. After this However, he soon realized that no normal desk job is more questionable. He always integrates new technical innovations and develops individual solutions in direct contact with the customers so that they can do exactly that Get speakers they want.