BMW R nineT Scrambler „Type 18“

From June 13 to 16, the “Wheels and Waves” festival will take place in the south-west French coastal town of Biarritz with its unconventional combination of bikers, surfers and skaters. In this special context, BMW Motorrad presents a unique R nineT Scrambler conversion from Auto Fabrica: “Type 18”.

Less is more: this is the maxim of the brothers Bujar and Gazmend Muharremi, whose custom workshop Auto Fabrica ranks among the best in the British scene and is constantly setting trends. With sleek design and sweeping lines, they’ve refined the R nineT and created a new Soulfuel bike – “Type 18” is unruffled but excitingly different.

The brothers can rarely really get excited about the design of a series bike. However: at the sight of the R nineT Scrambler the spark jumps over at the brothers immediately. “This bike has definitely sparked the fire in us.” Initial ideas for “Type 18” emerge at an early stage and have their origins in geometric architecture and aircraft design. No coincidence, because Bujar and Gazmend are inspired by the Munich BMW Museum. “We immediately fell in love with the older aircraft with the BMW engines.” Basically, the brothers are interested in cars and motorcycles from the period from 1910 to 1980 – so the design of the most beautiful and expensive bikes of that time flows into their conversions.

From the concept to the final product: With all disciplines under one roof, Auto Fabrica designs, prototypes and manufactures the conversions. The harmonious balance between function and form combined with outstanding and unique products are in the foreground of the workshop. The customizers work with old manufacturing techniques and combine them with modern design language – the metamorphosis from the R nineT Scrambler to the “Type 18” takes more than a year. The most difficult part of the construction is the hand-finished aluminum cladding and the seamless integration in the standard frame. As simple as “Type 18” may seem, the details are very elaborate, the level of design and design extremely complex.

For the cylinder heads, Auto Fabrica makes its own covers. So also the handmade exhaust pipes with the curved end pots. Or the holder for the headlamp, which has been manufactured by 3D printer. The two customizers raise the bar: “The bike is a retro-modern, conceptual design study that transcends the boundaries of vehicle design.” Typical Auto Fabrica – super-minimalist, very detailed and extremely high-quality.

Biarritz is the eighth time host for motorcycle fans and surfers from all over the world. The roar of the ocean and engines as well as the smell of fuel and surf wax mingle here to celebrate the unique culture of freedom and individuality. The festival was founded in 2012 by Vincent Pratt and the motorcycle club “Southsiders MC”, who celebrated their two favorite hobbies in the first year of the event with less than 100 participants. In 2019, numerous new bike and surf enthusiasts are expected in the quiet town. The refreshing combination of boards and bikes embodies a creative zeitgeist that blends in seamlessly with the ingenuity of BMW Motorrad Customizers.