80’s Ensemble

On Saturday, September 21, 2019, a completely different kind of Concours will be taking place during the Motorworld Oldtimertage Fürstenfeld event – the “80´s Ensemble”. The aim of this exceptional competition is to offer young cars and drivers an opportunity to take part in a Concours.

Assuming that the vehicle is 35 years of age and the driver is 20 years old, all the requirements for participating in the “Concours 80´s Ensemble” will have been met since the combined age of the car and driver must not exceed eighty years. The vehicle has be at least 20 years old, however. Automobiles of all makes and types are permitted.

Participation in the “80´s Ensemble” is free of charge. Applications with a photograph of the car, together with its date of first registration and the driver’s date of birth, can be sent to info@classics-for-charity.com. The closing date is September 15, 2019. A committee will then select the participants who will be able to show off their vehicles on September 21.

During the Motorworld Oldtimertage Fürstenfeld on the Saturday, some 40 vehicles will face the scrutiny of a six-strong jury. The award ceremony for the winning cars will take place on the Saturday afternoon.