Solitude Revival

On the weekend of July 20-21, the Solitude Revival was held in Leonberg at the former Solitude race track around Glemseck in bright sunshine. The last race at the famous circuit took place on July 18, 1965. A full 54 years later, around 12,000 visitors came to the Solitude to see the track legends in action once again. Over four hundred pre-1979 vehicles had registered for the spectacle, from pre-war models through to Formula 1 racing cars, automobile racing legends and motorcycles.
When they were not driving around the circuit, they could all be admired in the paddock behind the former race building at Glemseck, where howling 12-cylinder engines, babbling V8s and screaming racing engines were being tuned before taking to the track.

The vehicles were able to enjoy two laps driving behind a pace car. Although more of a presentation drive than a thrilling race, nevertheless the many different kinds of racing cars certainly made up for that. An absolute highlight were the five former American LaFrance fire engines, which had been converted for the race track.

Another special attraction was the Porsche presentation drive, where some highlights such as two Porsche 917s and a Porsche 719 and 550 could be seen and heard. Former Porsche drivers Hans Joachim Stuck and Neel Jani each drove a racing car around the historic track. Autograph hunters were also able to meet racing legends such as Jochen Maas, Arturo Merziaro, Walter Röhrl, Stéphane Ortelli, Herbert Linge, among many others, in the paddock and get their autographs. The Solitude Revival takes place every two years.