Bugatti Grande Fête

At the grand jubilee weekend, the Grande Fête, new-season Bugatti hypersports cars parked between their predecessors and a new model. The famous Collection Schlumpf of the Cité de l’Automobile, the largest Bugatti collection in the world, as well as several private lenders are exhibiting several rare classics, including a Type 30 Torpedo, Type 40 Roadster, Type 46 Surprofilé, Type 57 Galibier, Type 57 S Corsica and the famous racing car Type 35.

The Grande Fête is the culmination of the Grand Tour, a ramble through Ettore Bugatti’s main stations, from Milan via Monaco, Aix-en-Provence, Beaune and Paris to Molsheim in Alsace.

Many Bugatti World Record vehicles gathered
A focal point of the festive exhibition in the park around the Château and the Remisen North and South is therefore also on Bugatti world record vehicles. In addition to the historic Bugatti Type 35, the most successful racing cars of all time park several EB110s such as the record-breaking EB 110 SS Ice Speed Record, the Veyron Super Sport record car of 2010 as well as the Veyron Vitesse WRC. The Roadster set 2013 with 408.84 km / h on a new world speed record for open production sports cars.

A pre-production vehicle of the new Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300 + * was the first one a few weeks ago Hypersport breached the magical 300-mile-per-hour border (482.80 km / h). That puts Bugatti set a new TÜV-certified speed record with 304,773 mph (490.484 km / h).

Traditional Coachbuilding meets new interpretations
The second focus is on coachbuilding vehicles. The English word coach stands for carriage or wagon and is synonymous with haute couture in the fashion industry. Coachbuilding therefore stands for unique pieces, Chiron Divo La Voiture Noire Centodieci