Bugatti Grand Tour

A very special day for La Marque: the first leg of the Bugatti Grand Tour, which marked the 110th anniversary of the brand. The start in Milan was not chosen for no reason – it is the city from which the founder Ettore Bugatti comes from. The capital of Lombardy in northern Italy was the hometown of the Bugatti family, a family of talented artists. A tradition that was continued by Ettore.

At the Palazzo del Senato, the Grand Tour started and the more than 20 Bugatti convoy crossed the city with a police escort on the most beautiful streets. After a few hours of driving, the group reached Piedmont and drove along the beautiful streets of Langhe, a region known around the world for its exquisite reds. This is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and captivates by its beauty, by connecting the work of man and nature.

“It’s an almost idyllic journey,” explains Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. “It’s very special to follow Ettore’s footsteps in his hometown. But also to see all these cars that represent our craftsmanship and to climb the mountains in Piedmont with the exceptional view.”

After a lunch in the sun on the terraces of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato the tour went on Continue towards Côte d’Azur, to Monaco. A classic stage destination for every Grand Tour and home to the legendary Bugatti rider Louis Chiron.

After a memorable night in Monaco in the Salle Empire of the Hôtel de Paris at Monte-Carlo, the Grand Tour continues. Monaco has often been the venue for prestigious events over the years and yet it is something extraordinary to watch as many Bugatti vehicles cross the city together. “A Bugatti embodies luxury, aesthetics and exclusivity,” explains Hendrik Malinowksi, Bugatti Sales Manager. “Our cars, new and old, fit perfectly into the Monegasque picture. In addition, many Bugatti factory riders have won the Monaco Grand Prix and coming back here feels like a journey that honors these great Bugatti figures. “In fact, Louis Chiron won the Monaco Grand Prix with a Type 35 90 years ago. As a reminder of him is a statue at the port of Monaco. Later, the parade started in the direction of Aix-en-Provence. To get there, the Bugattis drove through the Luberon Mountains, which probably belongs to one of the most beautiful regions in France.

Breathtaking Views, typical Provencal villages – there can hardly be a better environment for a grand tour. The Bugattis are perfectly maintained by their owners and they prove the quality of the Crafting of Bugatti, “says Malinowski. “In addition, the Veyron and Chiron hyper sports cars are climbing the mountain roads with remarkable ease on this grand tour.” For lunch, top chef Alain Ducasse prepared a gourmet picnic. Then it went for the Participants of the Grand Tour continue to the Château La Coste.

The third day of the Grand Tour started very early. In the morning, the 110-year Bugatti convoy set out for the 701 military base, the training center for the Patrouille de France. The participants were welcomed with a breakfast and then had the opportunity to meet the pilots after they had the opportunity to experience one of their training sessions. Airfields are no unknown territory for Bugatti. In fact, Ettore designed various aircraft, including the 1938 Bugatti 100P, which is the fastest aircraft in the world should be. After a dynamic visit to the base of the Patrouille de France, the Bugatti vehicles returned to the road. Through Salon-de-Provence to the Rhône region with a lunch at the Château la Gallée. A typical Provençal menu with a unique view of the vineyards. The next stage was driven on the roads of the Côte d’Or region in Bourgogne before finally arriving in Beaune. Dinner was served in the famous Hospices de Beaune. This is known for its typical architecture of Bourgogne and its exceptional wines, which are among the best in the region. Ettore would have loved to drive through Provence and Bourgogne as he appreciated all the products that a cultural region can offer. And the participants of the Grand Tour could enjoy a wide selection of regional products.
After leaving Beaune for a short lunch in the typical French town of Ancy-le-Franc, the Bugatti Parade reached the French capital on a grand scale.

“Paris is in the heart of France and is the capital of the home country of La Marque,” recalls Bugan Winkelmann, president of Bugatti. “This city has played a vital role in Ettore’s life and has always been a meeting place for industrial pioneers and artists.”

The Bugatti family lived in Paris for many years – Carlo even participated in the World’s Fair and won the silver medal for his pieces of furniture. In addition, some of Ettore Bugatti’s best clients came from Paris. Therefore, the city was an important stage for a Grand Tour, which celebrates the 110th anniversary Bugattis.

For this stop, the Place Vendôme, central square and address of the famous Hôtel Ritz of Paris, was selected. All the vehicles were parked on the field, providing an extraordinary sight for any modern hyperspace enthusiast. The participants continued to experience a magical evening in Paris, including dinner on a ship on the Seine. A unique view of the capital. The city indeed had much to offer Ettore.

The start at Place Vendôme was exceptional for the Bugatti Parade. The next stage took place on the streets of Champagne, another French region known for its regional food. There was another champagne tasting before heading for Alsace, where the long-awaited destination lies, the heart of Bugatti: Molsheim.

“Here are the roots of Bugatti anchored, here we are at home,” explains Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. “La Marque was born in Molsheim and it was unimaginable to end the Grand Tour anywhere but here in honor of our 110th anniversary.” In fact, Molsheim is still home to Bugatti’s headquarters – the world’s most prestigious hypersports, such as the or,
are assembled there. It’s also a great place for any Bugatti fan. The festival will continue. The Château Saint-Jean, the Remise Nord and Remise South are ready to welcome all visitors to the Jubilee. This will take place over the next two days, bringing together all those who bring La Marque to life. It is very easy to see that there is an element that connects all these people with La Marque and Ettore’s values.