Cars and Coffee

The almost 90 supercars should actually arrive at 14:00 clock in the BMW world from a tour. The street in front of BMW Welt was already besieged by hundreds of car spotters waiting to arrive. But the wait was the sports car fanatics much easier, because the Lerchenauer Street this Saturday to the promenade of rare cars and those who would like it, was. From Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Great Britain came the owners of supercars to be present at the arrival of the collected super sports cars. The underground car park of the BMW Welt became an exhibition space and some used the sound-bearing garage once more to share the sound of their car with the general public.

Every now and then the tires squeaked in a burnout and the young Carspotters got into a big uproar and ran blindly across the street to catch a picture of the smoking trail. When the supercars finally arrived around 3:00 pm, the road could only be crossed over a narrow lane. Thousands of visitors to the spectacle surrounded the vehicles whose owners caused the engines to howl, followed by the loudest possible misfires. Every single misfire was greeted with great cheers.

In the meantime, occasionally some old-timers got lost, enriching the picture. Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini, Lotus, Aston Martin, Mercedes AMG, Ford GT 40 or even a Rolls Royce with surfboard on the roof strolled through the crowd before it went to the forecourt of the BMW Welt. Afterwards, the owners of the fine jewelry could visit the BMW Welt, while the fans marveled at the vehicles and photographed them in detail.