Meijs Motorman – Electric cycle

The dutch company Meijs has revived the flair of the 20s with their motorman electric moped. The MEIJS motorman is an exceptionally stylish, economical and fully electric moped designed by the Maastricht designer Ronald Meijs. The battery is housed in a tank dummy and the handlebar are a reminiscent of the 70’s scooter handles. A leather saddle completes the vintage design. Disc brakes on front and rear provide security.



The Meijs motorman weighs only 45 kilos and is available in the fast (45 km/h) and the slightly less fast Variant (25 km / h). With a full battery, the motorman has a range of 70 or 100 kilometers. He can easily be charged at home on the electrical outlet. The MEIJS motorman is handmade with high quality materials and can be designed individually for the customer.


The Meijs motorman is available from about 4700 euro. But this motorcycle is certainly a completely new experience to start into the summer.