An Italian myth on 3,000 m2: Technik Museum Sinsheim opens its new hall 3

“We would like to offer a platform for young people interested in historic vehicles. Many vintage cars are coming back into fashion,” said the President of the Technic Museum Sinsheim Speyer, Dipl. Ing. Hermann Layher, explaining the reasons for the construction of the new Hall 3, which is now officially open.

The festive opening ceremony took place on the evening of 18 September in the Technik Museum Sinsheim, thereby starting a new chapter in the museum’s success story. After moving speeches by high-profile guests from politics, Alfa Romeo representatives, and the museum president, the new hall 3 was formally inaugurated by cutting the red ribbon at the first special exhibition, “Mythos Alfa Romeo” (The Alfa Romeo Myth). “As far as the aesthetics and the connection between technical brilliance and optics are concerned, the museum is offering a special attraction with construction of the new hall,” praised the CDU Minister of Culture, Susanne Eisenmann.

“The concept of our Hall 3 is aimed at presenting special exhibitions that change each year. This will have the effect of keeping the museum up to date. We chose Alfa Romeo as the first 2 exhibition,” said Hermann Layher in his opening address. On an area of almost 3,000 m , visitors can now enjoy legendary racing cars, impressive production vehicles and technical equipment. Thanks to the Alfa Romeo factory museum, “La Macchina del Tempo”, and private lenders, “Mythos Alfa Romeo” is presenting the unique 109-year history of the Italian automobile brand with the richest history.

“Our exhibition presents an overview of the company’s history in motorsport as well as in design. This began in the pre-war period with top models such as a 6c Mille Miglia and continues with design icons such as a Montreal, to rare cars such as an Alfa Romeo “Disco Volante”, commented exhibition curator Moritz Dressel on the content of the new special exhibition. The minimalist design draws the eye to the essential focus: the cars. Only the typical Alfa Romeo colours, which are also the colours of Italy, dominate in Hall 3, which is otherwise rendered in a discreet white grey. Banners hanging from the ceiling and information panels tell the story of the “Meccanica delle Emozioni”. Finally, “[…] you can see the engineers’ heart in the cars,” said Maria Grazia Davino, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Germany AG in her speech.

The exhibition itself is divided into subject areas. The timeless treasures are positioned in the best light, showing their most attractive aspects. For example, the Alfa Romeo Matta AR 52 from 1952. In this case, the AR stands for “Autovetture da Ricognizione” – in English: reconnaissance vehicle. Originally intended for use by the Italian military, only 154 of them are in use in civilian life. Or an Alfa Romeo RL from 1922. The car which won the endurance race Targa Florio in 1923 originated from this series. Another highlight is the Junior Zagato of 1972. This two-door hatchback sports coupé, designed by Ercole Spada and produced by the Italian body maker Zagato, was clearly ahead of its time at its debut in 1969. From this time on, the smooth and unfussy surfaces and the large glazed tailgate could be found in the subsequent compact cars and sporty coupés time and again. “Mythos Alfa Romeo” will be based in Sinsheim and remain active for 12 months. The exhibition will be constantly changing by replacing or supplementing the exhibits. “If you’re a fan of Alfa, it’s worth the visit,” sums up the museum president in a nutshell.

But Hall 3 has even more to offer visitors and Sinsheim residents. The Sinsheim platform was built from elements of the historic railway bridge of Sinsheim station, a landmark of the city. You can see the whole city from this platform. “The museum doesn’t just direct the gaze to the museum – it’s also always directing it towards the city of Sinsheim,” emphasised Mayor Jörg Albrecht.

The new “Mythos Alfa Romeo” special exhibition can be seen daily from 9:00 am as of Thursday, September 19, 2019 in the new Hall 3 of the Technik Museum Sinsheim. The visit is included in the museum entry fee. More information can be found at: