A Beetle out of gummy bears

He must be a steadfast man, the artist Johannes Cordes. Because although he is daily exposed to the sweet temptation, he resists. His paintings are collages – but not ordinary ones, but those from delicious gummy bears. He uses thes treats as a base material for his idiosyncratic art form and elaborately tints several thousand gummy bears for each image. Thus was born an unusual aura of Marylin: the Megastar in the grid of scale pulling candies. This is pure pop art. The dream girl from the painting by the artist Cordes called loving “Bearilyn” in the cut of glued Gummy Bears, turns out to be sample copy for myth creature.

Surely a tribute to another legend from the Gummi Bears as an art object of course shouldn´t be missing: the beetle. But also works by Leonardo da Vinci, Tamara de Lempika to Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring are interpreted by Cordes in his own way and sets an iconic art form through the use of the consumer product.

The idea came in 2002, then in 2003 Cordes implemented this artistic style for the first time. 2004 he exhibited his collages for the first time as a sub exhibitors at the  ‘ Centenary Salvador Dalí – the golden age “, in the Baroque Schloss Bruchsal, and caused a stir with its large-sized tributes to the great surrealist, who died in 1989. Numerous individual exhibitions followed, which awarded him beyond the rank and name.

Commissioned works for the portrait series of the Haribo company founder Hans Riegel and his wife Gertrud, as well as the sons of Dr. Hans and Paul Riegel and Thomas Gottschalk followed. Meanwhilst his work includes the object boxes “it´s life”, in addition to his large-format collages.

The biggest challenge for Cordes will be a concert piano, designed with a wide variety of sweets. For its design and implementation, he experimented for several years and hopes to be able to implement this idea this year. Johannes Cordes lives and works in the Emsland (www.emsland.com), his Studio is located in the Schwefinger Street 13 in Meppen.


Info at www.baerilyn.de .

Aircooled in the Emsland

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