Museum – 3 million at Porsche

Seven years after its opening in 2009, the Museum of Dr. ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, has received its three millionth visitor. : Achim Stejskal, head of the Porsche Museum, surprised the anniversary visitors Justine and David Boscaglia from Melbourne, Australia, with a voucher for a HP-driveout. The Porsche Museum surprised the couple with a Porsche 911 convertable for one weekend, in the framework of the Porsche Mobility Concept. “This is really an incredible surprise for us and for my 40th birthday,” David Boscaglia forwarded. “We are big fans of Porsche. “Therefore, a stop in Zuffenhausen on our Germany trip was a must.” The Porsche Museum attracts not only fans from Germany, but also from all over the world. “More than 50 percent of the visitors are arriving from abroad”, stresses Achim Stejskal.
In 2016, the Porsche Museum visibly increases its attractiveness. From now on, each visitor is expected by the interactive “Porsche Touchwall” at the end of the exhibition tour, which invites you to the multimedia research in the company’s history. At the approach of the visitor on the twelve-metre touch wall, it opens a new level and allows a virtual journey through nine decades of automobile – and Porsche history. Visitors can browse through over 3,000 images, drawings, posters, and advertisements of the period from 1931 to the present – including an extensive selection of images along with technical data on nearly all road and racing cars from the Porsche crest.
A new highlight in the exhibition is the interactive sound installation “Porsche in the mix”, which is unique in its kind. Here, visitors can select favorite from seven vehicle models. The characteristic sound of vehicle sounds of the 356 over the 911 until to the 918. The visitors can switch via a touchscreen and eight more sounds. Sounds like turn signals, doors close or integrate the engine sounds can be integrated in the song. In this way, the visitor gradually creates a complete composition. All sound sources are based on original Porsche vehicle noise, videos and kinetic animations on the wall surface are visualized. The LED sound level indicator float in space and vary depending on vehicle noise and volume in their height and motion. At the end, the visitors can send his himself the composed music piece by eMail. “Porsche in the Mix” offers visitors a dynamic, audio-visual experience that makes the brand Porsche a uniquely emotional experience.