Racing legends – Rolls Royce Hurricane

In the 20s and 30s speed records were victories, that made men to heroes. Fritz von Opel, who, made 238 kilometres per hour in the breathtaking rocket powered RAK2 Opel or Ernst Jakob Henne, who drove 279,5 km / hour on a 1937 BMW 500ccm . Everywhere, men grew over the top when being inspired by the desire to drive faster and faster..



In England the Brooklands races were famous for the giant vehicles, equipped with aircraft engines, driving lap by lap on the oval. Famous was the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang of count Louis Vorow Zborowski, with an airplane engine type AZ of a crashed military airplane, having a displacement 21 litres and 180 HP.
This Rolls Royce built in 1930 with the chassis number R3CP198 is equipped with an impressive Rolls Royce aircraft engine. The engine, a V12 engine probably is a legacy of the P.V.. 12, which was incorporated and became the main engine of Allied aircraft during the second world war as a Merlin engine. First in the Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft from 1936. The motor has a 27-litre capacity, with 1030 HP. During the first test run in Interlaken in 2099, it brought the Rolls Royce hurricane with an incredible acceleration on cautious 130 km / hour. Mathematically, the maximum speed should be at 280 KM / hour. The consumption under full load increases to 480 litres / hour.
The body is build on a chassis of a Rolls Royce Phantom 1. Parts of the phantom 2 are mounted at the front.
The sheet metal dress of this Brookland racer was built by the british coachbuilding company Barker.