Cafe Racer DA#4

The latest Café racer of the small noble manufacturer Diamond Atelier in Munich is once again a masterpiece down to the smallest detail. The #4 is a cooperation adopted in 2015 between the also Munich-born basketball fashion brand K1X and the Diamond Atelier. Therefore, only the Bavarian brand BMW was in order as a “Donor” to the Café racer. The base, a brand new BMW RnineT, was to be so excusivly modified, as it has never seen before in this form. Costs and effort were not spared. On each sides of the tank, handcrafted brand emblems made of sterling silver are attached. The air inlets, which run from the front side through the tank are a special feature. To make the bike work as minimalist as possible, all electronic and electrical components were also housed in the specially-made tank. The rear has been redesigned and made in handwork. The taillight is integrated into the vault of the short cusp. The characteristics were significantly improved with some modifications and the use of the latest Metzler Racetec Super slicks.
The bike has a line through its consistent styling. It’s absolutely uncompromising. Even the rear swingarm, which usually remains unchanged due to the high technical effort on rebuilding, was painted black. The two designers Pablo Steigleder and Tom Konecny researched the look books from K1X, visited shops and looked at the collections to design a similarly inspired design for the RnineT DA#4. The choice fell on a colour and pattern combination from the autumn/winter collection of 2016. This choice of colours and the striking patterns were transferred to the bike.
One of the most important presentations for the DA #4 this year is the sprint at the Glemseck 101. The machine will compete in the class “Essenza” against another 16 competitors on the 1/8 mile. The bike will be also shown at KICKZ Gate Street in Berlin.