Dubai Motor Show

Boom for collectors vehicles


Considering the international importance, the Dubai Motor Show actually isn´t from big importance, but booming for collectors and car enthusiasts. Around 25 concept studies and world premieres were presented in November at the Dubai International Motor Show, the adress for sheikhs and the extraordinarily car affine audience of the UAE.
Unlike in our latitudes the issue understatement is written in lower cases. In Dubai you present what you are – and this is reflected in the offered vehicle range. Anybody who likes Supercars will be ammazed, and even in terms of classic cars there is a change going on. Currently the trade is taken up in classic cars. Some enthusiast is occasionally shopping a classic to drive it on the Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard to start of into the new season. Because bearable temperatures in the Emirates lure for cruising, whilst in our latitudes the vehicles are crefully wrapped up for the winter.