Art as an experience

The art fair “Stroke” in Munich is a special attraction. “The art market has become the playground of the super-rich” stated Marco Schwalbe in 2011, as Paul Cezanne’s “Card players” was sold for around 250 million euros to Qatar. Marco Schwalbe and his brother, Raiko, called the STROKE to life in 2009. It was the overlay, influences, and mixing of various art forms in design to represent music and fashion.
The STROKE art fair in Munich has now landed among the top 5 art fairs in Germany. The art scene is reflected fresh and unspent. Not only the event itself is experience-oriented and open. Artists and visitors come together to talk. There is no prohibition of photo.
For example, Russell King has traveled from New York. The pop culture artist brings the sense of American life on the Praterinsel in Munich. The Leipzig photographer Thomas Meinicke portrays people and captures moments in everyday life – as well for his series “Havana Cabs” with vintage taxis from Havana.
On the outdoor area overlooking the river Isar and also in the inner courtyard of the Prater building, huge street-art pictures are produced live on-site.
The STROKE is no longer an insider’s tip: 150,000 visitors came during the past seven years. The event has remained faithful to its character that fits the mood and the mix of paintings, old art techniques in new format and street art. For some artists the STROKE may be the first step to a large audience – for some people the first opportunity to launch their own art collection with originals.