MAC Museum – Carro di memoria

The now-fourth exhibition, which brings art and automobile into a relation opened in the art and automobile Museum MAC in Singen near the Lake Constance. This time, it’s about the works of the world-famous Italian artist Marcello Mondazzi. The exhibition is called “Carro di Memoria”, car of memory. The exhibited vehicles take up this topic, because hardly anyone will remember these specimens of Italian manufacturers.
Again, it was early May and the vehicles for the new exhibition in the MAC Museum Art & cars were moved into the museum. Sometimes with some difficulty, because the Marchand 12/16HP is so high in his height that a detour had to be taken through the entire Museum, to push this spacious Landaulet model on his intended place.
On Wednesday night it was ready. The Foundation Board members of the MAC Museum Gabriele Unbehaun m and Herrmann Maier opened at the Vernissage the new exhibition.
Two absolute highlights are the small Cattaneo Trossi, a repurposed toy car with a compressor charged four-cylinder engine of Peugeot, achieving a top speed of around 110 km/h and the Monaco Nardi model Chichibio (built in 1932), named after the dog by Augusto Monaco. He designed this small race car with a 2-cylinder V-engine with Enrico Nardi, Massimo Lancia and Guido Aymini. Monaco reached top speeds of around 180 km/h with this vehicles.
Many classic car fans remember the small sympathetic Auto Bianchi from the 60s. But the roots of the company date back much further. The oldest vehicle in the exhibition is the Prinetti & Stucchi model 4, constructed in 1899 by Boldrini, but he also had a brilliant mechanic at his side: the young Ettore Bugatti. He was also the one, who had won the race of Brescia-Verona-Brescia with a Prinetti & Stucchi in 1899. He reached a maximum speed of 40 km/h.
Marcello Mondazzis works are exhibited on the upper floor of the Museum. His works, including the work on the title of the exhibition leans: the “car of memory”. Staged with light the works of art have a very special effect. You shine similar memories hidden in the subconscious, which suddenly come to the fore.