Maserati Drive Out

Traditionally, the Maserati Gentleman´s Club Drive out took place on the 1. May . About 30 vehicles of different years and models drove across the country side from Königsbrunn at Augsburg up to the MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart in Böblingen. Because of the unsettled and cold weather the classic Maseratis unfortunately could not participate. However, the spectators on the side of the road arose a unique image with real sound experience when the engines howled up.

At the MOTORWORLD some Maserati owners already were waiting with their vehicles. At the arrival at the MOTORWORLD in Böblingen the vehicles parked on a fenced-off parking lot and enjoyed the come together at a joint dinner in a restaurant on-site. The drive out has been sponsored by Maserati Munich and Schwaben SZD Sportwagen GmBH, Rölig Horse Sports and the Print Tech GmbH premium foiling company. The revenues from the proceeds were spend for a good purpose to the Munich children’s hospice charity.