Disintegrating 2

Do you remember the art project, where vehicles appear to be exploding? Fabian Oefner already surprised art lovers and classic car enthusiasts in 2013 with his series “Disintegrating”. Currently, he presents its new series “Disintegrated 2”. The series of images captures the moment when vehicles seem to be flowing apart through fast speed. Oefners first works are currently exhibited in Dubai, in the M.A.D. gallery.
The latest works will follow and can also be seen in this gallery. Although the single photo of the Swiss artist represents a flash of a moment, the creation of such an image takes countless hours. Every part of the vehicle is photographed on a fine wire. A photo in detail consists of several thousand individual images which are put together on the computer. At the end the picture appears, as if the the parts fly weightless in space, marked only by the dynamics of the vehicle. Before the shooting, Fabian Oefner draws each pictures in pencil on a sketch pad.

In the “Disintegrating 2” series, Oefner processed a Bugatti T57 SC, Ford GT, Porsche 917 and an Audi Union race cars. Each snapshot opens up new insights and moments.