American Power at the MOTORWORLD Stuttgart

The second May weekend at the MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart was dominated by American cars, chrome-shiny classics, motorcycles and V-8 engines. It was the weekend of American Power, on which the American way of life has been lived out completely.

Everything, the American driving culture has to offer, gathered in the meadows in front of the MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart. Including some power-packed Mopar muscle cars and superbly crafted hot rods. The visitors found their personal photo motif in each case. Of course also Harley Davidson fans had their fun. Below the tower, countless bikers gathered with their highly polished machines and waited for the demonstration flights.
In front of the halls of the MOTORWORLD culinary and lifestyle was provided for the audience. Some visitors could find the one or other souvenir stalls. In the halls of MOTORWORLD there was more to see. Nobel classics competed here against thoroughbred oldies and sports cars, altogether to the favor of the audience…