The new Honda NSX

The name Honda one doesn’t think spontaneously of a super sports car. But the new Honda NSX certainly features all requirements, which a supercar needs. The heart of the new Honda NSX is a dual turbo-charged 75° DOHC V6 mid engine, with 570 HP and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in under three seconds. Three electric motors work in addition to the front wheels. The 9-speed transmission supported by the hybrid is certainly supporting the power delivery.
For three years, a team in Raymond, Ohio/United States, has been designing this aggressive-looking super sport car. He lies deep and wide on the road and shows his face according to his temperament. A flat and elongated front. The tail lights at the rear are a throwback to the previous models.
Designed pioneering in the Interior. The vehicle was designed around the driver and should therefore offer every sporty comfort for the driver, which he could dream of. Clear, securely fitting into the seat in all positions and accelerations and a good overview. The chassis made from carbon has been then developed around the interior.
The Honda NSX will be available in Europe in the course of 2016.