Monaco Grand Prix Historique 2016

For the tenth time Monaco celebrated the Grand Prix Historique, keeping it entirely with the history of the famous city on the Cote D´Azur. The stunning Formala 1 circuit was for four days, exactly two weeks before the current Grand Prix the Formala 1, the site of historic race cars, just like in the good old days. It is one of the few tracks being still operated on the original track through the city. For racers of today, in their race cars of yesterday, it´s a real challenge, because the track has it all. Quite a few steep hairpin turns, narrow streets, steep climbs and the famous tunnel along the docks, demanding a lot of skills of the drivers in each class.
The starting seven grids were divided into classes A to F. The class A, pre war vehicles until 1945, drove only a show run. The first grid were the race cars from 1952 to 1955, racing cars with front-engine (class C). Winner was Ure John in this category with his Cooper-Bristol built in 1953. He sat down well ahead of Chris Ward in his Jaguar D-type from JD Classics and Patrick Watts in the Allard J2 from 1950. Junior Formula vehicles from 1958 to 1960 with front engine and brakes competetd in Class D. As this group was very large, the field was divided into two fields, separated by odd and even numbers. Here, Christopher Drake won in the 1960 Terrier MK4 and respectively Jonathan Hughes in the Lola MK2, also from 1960.
A real time journey offered the Formula 1 racing competition from the years 1966 to 1972. Watching on the line it was transferred back directly in the times, when one hooked up as a child and persecuted the exciting races from Monaco on television. Here Steward on his McLaren M19A achieved a very narrow victory on Max Smith-Hilliard in his Surtees TS-9B.
It was an exciting weekend, topped by sunny weather and the real smell of warm tires and gasoline.


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