Aston Martin Radical AM-RB 001

This week Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing presented a roadworthy racing car with a V12 engine and pure formula 1 genes: the Radical AM-RB 001. A Hypercar which we have never seen before in this form. 

Although the manufactures still still remains silent about the performance specifications, the fact that the car has a 1:1 power transmission between strength and weight, suggests that pure race gene snooze in it. 1 HP per kilogram of weight of course also means that the technology is extremely forceful. And this is what the manufacturer promises. The body and chassis are made of carbon fibre and ligned for minimal weight. The body shape is designed especially for the wind friction and down draft  – yet extremely elegant and snappy. The approx. 6 litre V12 engine ensures the ideal weight distribution and a highly developed race chassis for the perfect road stability.

The radical AM-RB 001 should be available from 2018. The model is produced in the Aston Martin plants in Gayton, 99-150 roadworthy vehicles and 25 pure racing models will be built. The racing versions might be used even in Le Mans.