Realistic uniques

Looking at the illustrations of Unique & Limited Gallery, one must look twice, before you realize that these objects are a unique montage of real photos and 3D graphics. Jan Rambousek and his team have specializes in creating these pieces of art. Every single graphic is a journey back in the time of motor sport. Jan Rambousek  has begun 2012 with a series around to the Mercedes Benz silver arrows. Internationally this series caused a great stir, because the scenes are absolutely real and extremely lively. They are not just simple representations of the vehicles, but each illustration tells its own story. Scenes that formerly were not possible to be photgraphed, due to the technical possibilities at that time at the time of the action. Jan developed an incomparable style.

It was followed by another limited series, as for example with the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO on the Targa Florio 1964 or in Le Mans 1962, or with the Bugatti T35, the Porsche 917 and other racing legends.

In June 2016 unique & limited gallery dedicate a limited series the sensational 1-2-3 victory of the Ford GT40s at Le Mans in 1966 under the name “Ford and the Furious”. The image shows the moment in which the blue GT40 with start number 1 despite his round long leadership got the announcement, to slow down and catch up with the other two GT40s. It ended up in a photo finish, in which all three GT40s drove in a line across the finish line. Miles, who drove the GT40 with number 1, weighed himself already victorious and wanted to climb on the winners podium, when he was informed that the evaluation of the photos revealed that he went as a second across the finish line. A major blow to the team, but still a moment, which entered into the Le Mans racing history.


All images are rendered in several passes. Since each level contains of a resolution of 20 thousand pixels in width, it is a very time consuming process. But every single image is a real masterpiece and a completely new kind of art.